Zorak, as he appears in Cartoon Planet.

Zorak was a Zorathian, also known as a giant space mantis. He was one of Space ghost's greatest enemies, and later became part of the cast of his talk show.



Zorak spent many of his teenage years on Brak's planet, where he attended Learnmore High School with his friend Brak. Zorak was a bad influence on Brak, leading him to mischief. One of the first such times was when he convinced Brak to kidnap Mr. Bawk Ba Gawk, the school's mascot. Zorak also tended to disrespect Thundercleese's property, despite Thundercleese's protectiveness of it. (The Brak Show: "Mr. Bawk Ba Gawk")

Struggle with Space GhostEdit


Some Zorathians rescuing Zorak from Omega Prison.

Zorak comic

Zorak escaped from prison with the help of some other Zorathians in order to get revenge on Space Ghost. He captured Jan and Jace, forcing Space Ghost to come and rescue them whilst performing dangerous tasks. Space Ghost successfully did so, recapturing Zorak in the process. (Space Ghost: "Zorak")

Band leaderEdit

Space Ghost arrested Zorak and forces him to form "Zorak and the Original Way-Outs". He started annoying Space Ghost while doing some interviews.