TOM's original body.

TOM, or Toonami Operations Module, was a Beta Droid. He was the commander of the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution. He replaced Moltar as the host of Toonami when the show was moved from Ghost Planet to the Absolution. He was given the position by Moltar, who was a friend of his.

Tom was also close with SARA, the artificial intelligence aboard the Absolution. She often chided him for his recklessness, but cared about him. (Toonami: "The Intruder")


TOM was created, along with many other Beta Droids, aboard the Automaton Construction Platform at Gideon Alpha 12. LARS proclaimed him, and hence his whole line of robots, defective and ordered them sent to the recycling plant. However, TOM was able to save the platform by sending out a distress call. He also saved RUBY, his friend. The Absolution arrived and destroyed the Nebula Rays, and spoke to TOM. After the crisis had ended, LARS still refused to acknowledge that TOM had done a good job. The Absolution, however, arranged to buy him for their crew. TOM agreed and said goodbye to RUBY. (Toonami: "The Swarm")

TOM was later put in command of the ship. He also became friends with Moltar, who gave him the show Toonami. When an intruder got aboard the Absolution, TOM went below decks to try and ascertain the cause. When he found the lifeform that was responsible, he was consumed and destroyed. (Toonami: "The Intruder")

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TOM 2.0

TOM 2.0

SARA downloaded TOM's consciousness into an upgraded body shortly thereafter. The new TOM was able to sever the Absolution's damaged engine and brought the ship into the Starpower repair station. (Toonami: "The Intruder")

When the Absolution was trapped by a tractor beam, TOM was able to use the DOKs to break the tractor beam and set the ship free. They escaped into hyperspace, but an alien ship followed them. (Toonami: "Lockdown")

An evil alien villain hacked into the ship's systems while it was in hyperspace. He knocked out the ship's systems, but TOM was able to restore the systems as well as SARA and defeat the Alien. (Toonami: "Trapped in Hyperspace")

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